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11 Attractive and Trendy Ways for Men to Style Pashmina

pashmina scarves for men

Styling Pashmina for men

Pashmina shawl, made of Pashm (Pashmina wool) meaning “soft gold”, is the accessory that people with great taste always have in their wardrobe. Regardless of gender, Pashmina shawls and Pashmina scarves are a favorite among those who like to accentuate their style statement by complementing their attire with accessories.


Adding a unique style to carry their clothing more fashionably has been an interest for humans since the start of civilization. Shawls have been sought mostly by women as a part of their attire; however, men too like to add shawls as an accessory.


Since Pashmina itself is a style statement, there are many ways introduced by fashion moguls and celebrities to wear Pashminas as an accessory. There are many trendy ways to wear Pashmina shawls for both men and women to appear beautiful in carrying their attire.


For men, in addition to wearing the scarf over the shoulder, there are several other styling options to carry their shawls with grace exhibiting class.

The 11 Trendy Styles To Wear Pashminas For Men

How to wear a Pashmina scarf in a trendy fashion?

Styling the boring attire with Pashmina scarf and shawl to add charm to their looks has never been so easy for men. In this article we have listed many ways for men to complement their attire each day and complete their outfit accessorizing with Pashmina scarves and shawls.

1- Infinity style

You can flaunt your Pashmina wrap in infinity style, placing the Pashmina wrap behind the shoulder with corners hanging down and tying them together. Take the left side, cross it in an endless loop, and then place it around the neck.

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2- Loop d-loop

To style your Pashmina as a loop d-loop, spread the shawl or scarf around the neck, then taking the corners of it, back to the front to create a loop. After that tuck in the left parts into either side of the loop and let the corners hang at the middle of it.

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3- The Italian Knot

Take the Pashmina shawl and first fold it lengthwise in half and repeat this multiple times then fold in half widthwise and loop around the neck. Pass the fringed corners through the loop one by one and then adjust.

4- The French Twist

Start by folding your Pashmina shawl half in length and then repeat. After that, fold along the width and then loop around the neck. Once looped, tuck one fringed corner through the loop and bring the other end first in front of it and then back through the loop.

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5- The Waterfall

Put the Pashmina shawl around the neck in a loop with both fringed ends hanging down, then take one corner of the Pashmina shawl around your body and tuck it gently into the loop.

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6- The Ibiza

Fold one corner of the Pashmina shawl to the centre and secure a knot and repeat this process on the other corner. Then slip it through the armholes by putting your arms on them.

7- Atlantis

Wear the Pashmina around the neck and let the corners hang at the sides, then take one corner and also tuck it behind the neck. Fold the rest of the Pashmina on the left side before adjusting the corners alternately.

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8- The hidden knot

Place the Pashmina around your neck and let the corners hanging to tie and, to secure at the neck, tighten it up. The scarf would appear like a stylish curve. 

9- Madeline style

Like a shawl, spread the Pashmina and wrap it around the arms from the back, then tie both of the corners in a little bunch and put the bunch on other side. This will appear as a poncho, which can also be used to conceal any imperfections in the attire.

10- Street style

Place the Pashmina as a circle around your neck and spread it across the front. Then at the top of the abdomen, secure it with a belt. 

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11- Knotted necklace

Wrap the Pashmina shawl around your neck, then take one corner and wrap it around one of your hands. Create a loose knot and with the other corner, pull it through the side knot then first go under the knot loop and, lastly go over it. 


With these winning styles, your outfit can never go wrong wherever you are; best for casual hangouts, formal parties, family events, or friends gathering. Even the fashion police cannot criticize rather you will be admired for your creativity and fashion sense.


With this much to do with your outlook, it becomes mandatory for you to buy a Pashmina, no matter you have one already or not. A Pashmina shawl or scarf is a must-have to complete your collection of accessories.


Buying a pure Pashmina is an investment indeed, as it will last forever and you can cherish it for years and years if it is kept properly with care.


P.S. You should learn to differentiate a genuine Pashmina from a fake here(link to blog 5 incredibly simple tests to avoid buying fake Pashmina) before you plan to get one for yourself.

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