pure pashmina gift

Pure Pashmina Gift Guide

Kashmir, the ‘’ Paradise on Earth” is known not only for its breathtaking beauty, but also exquisite handicrafts, of which Pashmina takes the center stage. When you see beauty, you create beauty in the form of Pashmina, with the smooth touch, the delicate feel, decadent warmth and the graceful sophistication. Pashmina was regal since its

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scarves for men

11 Attractive and Trendy Ways for Men to Style Pashmina

Styling Pashmina for men Pashmina shawl, made of Pashm (Pashmina wool) meaning “soft gold”, is the accessory that people with great taste always have in their wardrobe. Regardless of gender, Pashmina shawls and Pashmina scarves are a favorite among those who like to accentuate their style statement by complementing their attire with accessories.   Adding

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